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Special Issue

Research on the Path of Breaking Through the Dilemma of School-enterprise Deep Cooperation

Submission deadline: Dec. 31, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
Special Issue of Higher Education Research
School-enterprise cooperation and industry-teaching integration is a current teaching mode in colleges and universities, and this teaching mode can greatly promote the practical ability of students, as this mode has been proposed for a short time, many aspects are still in an imperfect state, and there are still many problems in the actual cooperation process.
The integration of industry and education is an important initiative to cultivate first-class innovative talents, and the combination of industry, university and research requires schools and enterprises to take advantage of the favorable situation and realize close cooperation. At present, the main reason for the low level of school-enterprise cooperation is the negative revenue cost of both parties with the attribute of the economic person, which leads to the low motivation of both parties. This special issue is prepared to discuss the dilemma of deep cooperation between schools and enterprises in the field of industry-academia-research and propose relevant suggestions to overcome the dilemma of deep cooperation between schools and enterprises, which is expected to provide some reference to improve the current situation of school-enterprise cooperation.


  1. School-enterprise Cooperation
  2. Industry-education Integration
  3. Talent Cultivation
  4. Collaborative Education
  5. Teaching Organization Form
  6. Breakthrough School-enterprise Deep Cooperation Dilemma
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