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Research on the Teaching Reform of Aged Policies and Regulations Based on the Improvement of College Students’ Employability

In recent years, the number of college graduates has continued to increase, while the global economy is showing a mild recession trend, which has created unprecedented employment difficulties for college graduates, and employment pressure is increasing. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen the correlation between course teaching and employability training in talent cultivation in schools, and thus improve the employability of college students. In order to solve the problem of integrating the course with the employability of college students, the paper uses USEM model to analyze how the course can improve employability of college students. The employability can be break down into five aspects, including disciplinary understanding, skills, self-efficacy, metacognition, and professional quality. Moreover, based on the improvement of employability, the overall course design, course objectives, course content, teaching methods and teaching evaluation are used to study the teaching reform of ‘Aged Policies and Regulations’. Specific measures include that the overall design of the course should focus on innovation and application, and innovate the design of the teaching objectives from three dimensions of universal legal education objectives, ideological and political education objectives, and innovative educational objectives for female college students. Reconfigure the course contents including knowledge system classification and content innovation integration the latest national policies and regulations to form a suitable teaching system for undergraduate colleges classroom in China. Integration and innovation of teaching methods to construct a modern teaching system and formative assessment is used for course assessment. These teaching reform are designed to improve the college students’ employability and achieve high-quality employment.

Employability, College Students, Aged Policies and Regulations, Teaching Reform

APA Style

Yingbo, Z. (2023). Research on the Teaching Reform of Aged Policies and Regulations Based on the Improvement of College Students’ Employability. Higher Education Research, 8(6), 259-264. https://doi.org/10.11648/j.her.20230806.18

ACS Style

Yingbo, Z. Research on the Teaching Reform of Aged Policies and Regulations Based on the Improvement of College Students’ Employability. High. Educ. Res. 2023, 8(6), 259-264. doi: 10.11648/j.her.20230806.18

AMA Style

Yingbo Z. Research on the Teaching Reform of Aged Policies and Regulations Based on the Improvement of College Students’ Employability. High Educ Res. 2023;8(6):259-264. doi: 10.11648/j.her.20230806.18

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